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Do You Need A Summer Restaurant Promotion Proven To Increase Sales?

The X-Mas In July No Peeking Promotion

Gets Your Customers Back Quicker,

Spending More This Summer…

The DFY No Peeking Promotion Is The #1 Restaurant Promotion Of All Time

(We are the largest supplier of this promotion to the restaurant industry)

Envelopes Sold

Sales Generated

Helping Restaurants

How The Done For You No Peeking Promotion Works
Getting Your Customers Back Quicker, Spending More, Doubling Your Sales.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!

Step 1: We start by designing a promotion customized for your restaurant that will generate the biggest return. We help you pick the prizes that work best for you. Then we design, print, stuff and mail your DFY No Peeking envelopes sealed with your prize certificates inside ready to hand out to your customers.

Step 2: Your staff passes out your No Peeking Envelopes to your customers. One to each table or carryout order. Then your customers take them home staring at them wondering whats inside but they can’t peek until they bring them back to your restaurant.

Step 3: Then customers RUSH back into your restaurant on their next visit waving their DFY No Peeking Envelopes in hand because they cant wait to see what they have won. While spending more money, increasing your sales and stuffing you register!

See How This Sports Bar Owner In Brookfield, WI Used The DFY No Peeking Promotion To Increase His Sales $110,128 During His Slowest Months

“Best promotion I have ever done, hands down. 82% redemption rate with over $110k in sales!
DFY No Peeking, yeah, it’s a no-brainer.”

-Tom Beckmann, Owner Sluggo’s Sports Pub And Grill

Will This Promotion Work For Your Restaurant?

The Done For You No Peeking Promotion works for any size, style, location of restaurant. For Dine-in and Carryout. It’s super simple. That’s why It works so effectively because it’s simple, not overly complicated. You pass out the envelopes with a prize inside from your restaurant and your customers cant peek till they bring them back, spending more money when they do. Simple. And it’s…

  • Proven by tens of thousands of restaurants over the past 14 years to work
  • Uses your customers’ natural sense of curiosity, driving your customers back.
  • Inexpensive (no postage cost). The least investment you can make for your highest return.
  • Guaranteed delivery to your best customers (because you hand it to them.)
  • Not complicated for you, your staff, or your customers.
  • Uses slipstream marketing (any theme you want) to accelerate awareness with your customers.
  • Works any month of the year
  • Best off all… it’s All Done For You!

Here Are Just A Few Results From Thousands Of Restaurant Owners, From Take Out, To Casual, To Fine Dining That Have Used The Done For You Promotion…

$90,000 in Sales!

“I used your No Peeking Promotion for first time this past January & February. I was up in sales $90,000 between the two months!”

Cheryl,Gianelli’s Pizza & Chicken Man

Double Our Sales!

“With the DFY NO Peeking Promotion we had a 30% redemption rate and doubled our sales from previous year. Very easy promotion to do and guests loved it.”

David Stein, Stein Brewing Company

Over $61,349 In Sales!

“Better return every year I do it! Our DFY Red envelope sales were over $61,349, Thanks!”

Angel Harper, Mocha Cabana

Sales Up $18,944

““DFY No Peeking promotion is a winner! 34.4% Redemption rate. Additional sales up $18,944!”
Brett Knisely, Lake Inn

Can’t I Just Do This On My Own?

You could, and you could also preform your own heart surgery, but should you?

And aren’t you busy running your restaurant?

Don’t stress, here are 5 good reasons why you should let us handle this for you…

#1 We Do ALL the work for you– We know you’re busy running your restaurant you don’t have the time to design, print, stuff, seal, and package your promotion to start passing them out. We do it all for you. We’ve got you covered. Heck its in our name!

#2 We Know What Works- There’s no substitute for experience. We’ve been doing this promotion for restaurants for the past 14 years. We know what works and what doesn’t. For any style, size, and location of restaurant. There isn’t anything we haven’t seen, tried, tested for the No Peeking promotion.

#3 We’re The Biggest- I know sometimes biggest isn’t always best, but in this case, you get both. We have designed, printed, stuffed, and shipped over 3 Million money-making No Peeking Envelopes over the past 14 years to restaurants in the US and Canada. We are The #1 supplier of No Peeking Envelopes to the restaurant industry in North America.

#4 We Customize Your Promotion- We customize every order, no matter how big or small. We work with you to make sure your promotion is a success. You get your own restaurant marketing expert that has years of experience doing this promotion for restaurants of every size, style, and location.

#5 Cost- Marketing is an investment. We understand that you’re using your hard-earned dollars and expect a high return on your investment. Therefore, we DON’T charge a customization fee or a plate charge like other marketing companies and printers. We take care of everything for you…only one company to work with. And the price is the price with us, no hidden charges.

At This Point, You Might Be Thinking…

Will this work for dine in and carryout?

YES! This promotion works for both dine-in AND carryout. We’ve done this promotion for both styles of restaurants and the results are terrific. Your DFY No Peeking marketing consultant will customize your promotion specifically for your needs

How do I pick and get my prizes?
We will help you pick prizes that work best for you. We have been doing this for 19 years, so we know what works and what doesn’t.
My restaurant is different. Will this work for me?
Our No Peeking promotion works in any market, for any style of restaurant. From casual to fine dining to everything in between, this will work for you. No Peeking works so well that even the big corporate chains use it – maybe you have seen it done in the past.
Does this promotion work better than other restaurant promotions?
YES! It works so well because it’s easy, stands out, and fits in with current celebrations during each month. No Peeking uses psychology and curiosity to drive your customers back to your restaurant. They can’t wait to rush back to see what they’ve won because everyone loves to win.
When can I do this promotion?

Any time! It works for…

January: New Year
February: Valentine’s Day
March: St. Paddy’s Day
April: Easter
May: Spring or Cinco de Mayo
June: Summer
July: Christmas in July
August: Back to School
September: Labor Day
October: Halloween
November: Thanksgiving
December: Christmas

And don’t forget, we can customize your envelopes for any special celebration at your restaurant – anniversaries, grand openings, events, etc. Just let us know what’s going on at your restaurant, and we will make it happen

What is all included?
We do it all for YOU and will work with you to make your promotion a success. We design, print, stuff, and ship your envelopes to you in time to start passing them out to your customers. We offer our expertise because we know what works. There isn’t anything we haven’t seen, tried, and tested for the No Peeking promotion.

Do Something Good For You, Your Restaurant, Your Staff And Your Customers…Order the Done For You No Peeking Promotion and Double Your Sales Today!